The Future of International Business

Globalization has been a major driver of growth, allowing businesses both large and small to find and seize opportunities to expand into new markets. But what will the long-term impact of COVID-19 be on international business and how can global companies better prepare for the shift?

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the global business climate. With international travel restrictions, supply chain disruptions and changes in consumer behavior, many businesses have been forced to go remote, and proactively find new ways to connect and engage with consumers online.

Indeed, these are critical times, especially for businesses involved in international commerce. However, don’t let the current state of the world keep you from growing your business. Crises are inevitable, but you can be prepared.

So how can businesses, especially small businesses, stabilize amid a crisis? The ability to adapt to challenges and move forward to seize opportunities will be critical in order for your business to remain competitive. This may involve adjusting your business strategy, including pivoting your product or service, to adapt to current economic conditions.

It’s also important to build brand awareness and keep your business top-of-mind, even during these times of uncertainty. And remember to stay connected to your customers and engage with them in a meaningful way during these challenging times. This is the perfect time to reaffirm your brand values.

For companies doing business internationally, it is especially important to be aware of new trade and regulatory compliance that may have an impact on exports and imports. Also consider how the shift in supply and demand may impact your supply chain and develop a proactive response to address potential disruptions.

Now is the time to position your business for the future and develop new processes to adapt to a new way of doing business.

COVID-19 might have temporarily disrupted our daily lives and businesses over the past few months. However, we must continue to navigate this global paradigm shift. By keeping a positive perspective, you can keep your business focused on growth and prosperity.

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  1. I read on numerous innovative responses especially from sectors such as tourism hospitality- there seems an array of tactical and strategic responses being implemented


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